SHM video clips stopped working (Dlink) last week - anyone else seen this?

Hi, the video clips I had setup in SHM as a custom activity suddenly stopped working last week, and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue or has fix ideas.

Setup consists of a Dlink DCS-2132, using the “standard” ST provided D-link camera DTH. I had setup recording on motion detection as a custom SHM monitoring rule. This had been working fine for over a year, but stopped last Tuesday. Now when I look at the history tab, all I see is a video clip with test stating recording started and clip generating - but the video clip never appears. Screenshot attached below.

Oddly the “live” camera stream when I look at the device in ST shows fine.

I’ve deinstalled/reinstalled the ST app (using the classic one until I’m forced to move off it). ST support was not able to resolve it, although they said the stream seemed like it should be working from what they saw from their end. Since this is an “unsupported” camera they could not do much more in debug help.