Video camera info needed, Arlo won't connect to my WiFi. Other options?

I have Samsung Smart Things. I would like to add indoor and outdoor video cameras. Needs to be able to check on my phone while away…free storage for few days…no batteries if possible. Have tried Samsung camera…returning this week… can’t get it to connect to wifi… same wirh Arlo. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

That would suggest there’s something about your WiFi settings thats causing your problem with more than one WiFi camera.


Agreed. Baby monitors and microwaves operate in the 2.4Ghz space and can completely cripple wifi (I know this from my own experience). Also, if there are dozens of wifi networks in your area (like in an apartment complex), the channels could be full causing problems with the network.

Arlo creates its own wifi network, so if no cameras will work on any wifi networks at your home, it’s likely interference of some sort.

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It could also be architectural. Take a mobile phone, turn off its cellular access, and see if it can access your Wi-Fi from the same position where you want to put the camera. If not, there could be architectural features creating a dead spot in that area. :disappointed_relieved:

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Nope… cell works

What’s the router?

Anything like parental controls or other advanced firewall settings setup?

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this, some cameras need upnp enabled. depending on your router a factory reset will prob fix it. Some have a lot of custom settings but others just have the wifi name and password setup so a reset only takes 10 minutes to fix the router wifi back to what it was.

No controls…Frontier router… everything else works