Vid enhancement?

Is there any process file bug reports on existing vid? I am trying to use generic-button and notice it does not support all possible button values. From what I can tell it only works with pressed and held. I ended up using generic-button-4 which has the states I need but it would be nice if it was consistent.

In the same light, whats the process to create a new vid or enhance an existing?

Is there any documentation for writing a vid? I notice the developer portal has a location to upload a template but am not sure what the official structure is. Would it be visible to my device handler if I create a device profile in the portal?

Odd. All the values seem to show up when you read the presentation resource associated with it. However I’ve only got a few handlers that use the Button capability and they all work fine without a vid: anyway. Are you setting the supportedButtonValues attribute? I can’t remember if that removes the settings you don’t need or adds the one you do.

I set it and tested a few cases to reach that conclusion while comparing the vid from and

The 2 mentioned show up to assign actions while others are not visible. Either way what I really want is a generic-dimmer + Button for up/down. For now I implemented as a child component, but it’s not clean as I would like. My use case is to support the Jasco z wave dimmer double click. I can share my github if anyone is interested.

I ran into the issue again where I need to create a vid that does not exist. My current approach is to create child devices, but that has the problem of increased clutter. Any pointers would be appreciated.

You can create your own with the CLI and custom capabilities now. Check it out here

Thanks, I was able to make the updates and it looks good.