Generic Camera with Switches to control other Switches?

I have the Generic Cameras app working just fine. I’m curious if any one has taken this further to add switches to the view below the live video to be able to turn on lights, trigger garage doors etc. My guess is that you would have to create a virtual device with the generic camera app but I haven’t done that yet.

My main goal is to add a garage door button below the video but I don’t care to have any kind of feedback from the button. The camera feed will be the feedback. So my assumption is that the virtual device just has to send an on command to the original garage door device.

I was hoping someone has done this already though. If not, can anyone tell me if this is theoretically possible and direct me to the best place to get started?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, has any body say something about it? I’ll like see my garage door during I’m remote open it!