Very basic - how to install smartApps for light bulb

(Jason) #1

I have a light bulb (GE link, but it doesn’t matter). I have 2 apps installed from when I first added the bulb to the ST hub. A “turn on schedule” and a “slow start” app. Plus I guess the “Bulb 1 switch” is also a smart app?

How do I add more apps? Like a turn off schedule? I’m on the “Installed SmartApps” screen for the bulb, which I got into via the 3 circles icon from the device itself. Is there a limit of 3 apps per device or something?

Also, I feel like this should just be intuitive…not sure why there isn’t an icon for adding smart apps from the “Installed SmartApps” list.

(Ben Edwards) #2

Yeah - we used to have that in the app. I wasn’t totally on board with its removal. We’re working through some new UI evolutions so maybe this will come back.

(Jason) #3

Thanks. If you want a rule like:

  1. light on, @ 90%, 5PM
  2. light on, @ 50% 7PM
  3. light on, @ 10% 10PM
  4. light off, 11:30PM

Is this possible? How do I go about it?

(Bruce) #5

There are several ways to do this. One would be to create a Hello Home phrase for each of 5pm, 7pm, etc, and each phrase is set to run automatically at that time. Each Hello Home phrase turns on the light and sets the dimmer to the right level, or at 11:30 turns it off.