How can I add a new smartapp?

I have not found a way to add a new smartapp to a device since the new iOS update. Can anyone guide me on how I can do that with the new version of the app?

Also what is the purpose of having Rooms if I can’t seem to add any extra functionality with them?

You can find new SmartApps in the marketplace section of the app. This page explains it more (see the “To install a new SmartApp” section)

I tried that before, so I tried again and any time I click Smart Lights I get a spinner, then it goes away and nothing has happened.

Definitely contact That shouldn’t be happening.

Ok thanks, already did so. Decided to try here after they auto-responded with a message basically saying that it will take awhile for them to respond.

You could try and do some things in the meantime - update your app if it’s not on the latest version, sign out and back in, uninstall and reinstall. You know, all the stuff that usually shouldn’t work but sometimes does :slight_smile:

The Smart Lights issue should be resolved. If you try and install it now it should work.

Thanks I saw that and was able to get it installed. I was disappointed though that this app doesn’t seem to have the ability to let me have the light turn off after a set amount of time. The old app version let me schedule an entryway light to turn on with a nighttime arrival and turn itself off after 5 minutes.

Take a look at this community app: