Verisure devices

My house is full of old devices and sensors from Verisure including motion sensors, smoke sensors, door sensors.
I had a wet Dream that the v2 Hub like magic would detect them all and just connect them, But when running the setup nothing was detected, not even my D-link 5222L camera or the foscam cameras.

Is there any support for Verisure devices in the v2 hub? Thanks.

Are verisure devices zwave or zigbee? They have to be 1 or the other to have a shot @ working.

List of compatible devices.

Verisure use their own proprietary protocol, it doesn’t run with anything else.

If you’re paying a verisure subscription and you just want to create a bridge between your Verisure system and your home automation system, most people seem to use a sort of RubeGoldberg approach where they plug a current measuring device into a wallplug controlled by Verisure and then have the Verisure system turn on that plug when an alarm goes off, and then they can pick up that event on the other side from the home automation system. Which is kludgy, but actually works pretty well.

Verisure can also send text notifications, so you could use IFTTT with that, which would be less expensive then using two dedicated devices, but could have some lag.

And of course the second method won’t work at all in Europe until the OAuth problem with IFTTT is fixed.

But there’s no way to use Verisure sensors directly with any other controller then a verisure controller.

As far as which devices work with SmartThings, @sidjohn1 already gave you the link to the official “works with smartthings” list.

Beyond that, there may be compatibility if the device is certified by Z-wave or for zigbee home automation 1.2 (usually abbreviated ZHA 1.2) or ZLL. But not even all of those will work. You should check the forums for any specific devices that you’re interested in cas you did with the Verisure, and again you need to also be paying a verisure subscription.

I know that’s not the answer you wanted to hear, unfortunately. Verisure has what is called a “closed API” which means they don’t want third-party controllers having access to their devices. They manufacture all their own devices as part of their security protocol.

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