[OBSOLETE] Verisure integration

I have updated the Verisure integration to work with the new Smartthings App. Since Routines is gone, the app now offers an (optional) setting to change the mode of the hub.

In this version I have also made improvements to the network handling, so you will get fewer throttling errors and faster updates (because it will update every minute most of the time now).

Big thanks to @orecus who did the sensor implementation, and the copied description below.

Verisure Alarm - Device Handler
A sensor device that provides events for Alarm state, including timestamps and who triggered the state change.

Verisure Sensor - Device Handler
Any verisure device that provide climate data will be created as an Verisure Sensor and provides timestamp, temperature and humidity if available.

Verisure - SmartApp
This app creates and updates each device as it polls the verisure API.


  • Add the repository or manually copy the code of both the SmartApp and the two device handlers.
  • Once the SmartApp is added, enter you credentials and you should be good to go.

Github repository: GitHub - anderssv/smartthings-verisure: Verisure alarm integration with Smartthings

Original thread with beta tag: [BETA] Verisure Integration

Thanks a ton @anderssv! My setup relies heavily on the Verisure integration you’ve made.
I’ve transition to the new ST app, and updated both device handlers and the smartapp.

However, no bueno.
No updates happen, and logs don’t tell me all that much:
15:57:12: error java.lang.NullPointerException
15:57:12: debug [verisure.checkPeriodically] Periodic check from timer
15:57:12: debug [verisure.transaction] ===== START_UPDATE

Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong?

Damn it. No line number in the error? I’ll try and have a look tomorrow. It might help to uninstall the app and then re-install. Did you do that?

Nopes, no line number. I tried to remove the smartapp from ST but unable, I get network or server error occurred. Tried to remove it from IDE, I get unable as it’s in use by a user. I also tried to uninstall ST and reinstall fwiw, but no luck.
Will dig more tomorrow… .

I think I found the issue. Try again now. :slight_smile:

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You rock!! All OK now and working as it should :slight_smile:
Tusen takk!!!

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First, thanks for this app! Got it all installed as instructed at Github.

All my sensors was added to ST, but my alarm status will not get in. If i check Verisure Alarm device, all info is in place, but not in the app… Any ide why?

Hey. This is probably an effect of upgrading to the new app. I haven’t had the time to figure out the device capabilities for this so I am sorry, but there won’t be a fix for this quickly.

Changing modes works though, and you can use that as triggers for actions.


Thanks for fast update, looking forward to see next version then.

When i look at all my units my sensors shows humidity in the list. If I want them to show temperature instead. How do I do?

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I think this is related to how the new capabilities/custom capabilities are handled in the new app. I have not had the time to look into how this is done. And I am not sure when I will. Sorry. :slight_smile:


Brand new on smartthings.
I have copied the code from github and have the smartapp and the 2 devicehandlers up and running.
i published all 3 and installed the smartapp on the phone in the smartthings app.

Not sure what should happen from here, but nothing happens after typing in the credential and saving.

in the live log i’m getting this error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: uri is required @line 437 (httpLog)

what am I missing?

Thanks in advance

Don’t enable remote logging without adding a URL. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks you are a champ.

Is it correct that the door sensors are not connected?

Is there a way to get the Yale lock status updates to run routines in ST?
I don’t have the alarm and have built the alarm myself using ST, Arlo and so on…

The forced change to the new ST app has totally messed up the mobile presence so
if I can use the lock to arm and disarm it would be perfect…

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Hi Thyg0d, i have just started with a setup and have a doorman, arlo cams and so on, are you using webcore to create the rules for the alarm, and if so, mind sharing some knowledge on how u did it?

No webcore at all.
All is done with my mobile as presence sensor and also integration into Google.

It’s fairly simple.
Arlo is always on and always armed.
Create scenes you want with the devices included. I have different scenes for Arlo, Arlo ON/Off/Perimeter so when I’m not home all turns on and as Arlo is armed the start to record when seing movment.

The alarm part is set by my presence.
If I’m gone more than 1 minute the house arms, changes location to Away, and runs a bunch of scenes, Arlo on is one.

If the house is armed or in Away mode and I return then it runs Arlo Off scene plus a few more.

Witha bunch of virtual switches I can also control alarm states and stuff via Google Home.
Good Morning routine in Google flicks a Virtual Switch in ST which tells ST to run good morning automations, ie. turn off alarm, Arlo, turn on some lights, yell att the daughter to get out of bed and so on… :slight_smile:

Hey Thyg0d

How do you configure it to turn on and off the alarm, nothing happens when I try to do it.

Any tricks?


Sorry for the language but changing language fubars the app… But I think you get the point.
IF mode is “Away” (remember to set it as a prerequisite)
AND Mobilephone arrives after being gone 3 minutes

run scene
Switch to Home
Change Alarm mode to Disarmed.

I use virtual switches and so on to be able to time events after arrive so just ignore those… :grin:

Thanks, but it’s more this part that’s a problem for me???