Getting a Vemmio 4 in 1 Z-Wave+ sensor added to ST (same as Philio PST02?)

Hi guys,

I’ve bought a Vemmio 4 in 1 sensor which comprises of:

  • Motion sensor
  • Light sensor
  • door contact sensor
  • Temp sensor

Its a Z-Wave Plus device, and I foolishly thought compatibility wouldnt be an issue.

I’ve managed to add the sensor either as a Z-Wave Door/Temp Sensor or a Z-Wave Motion/Temp/Light sensor but i cant find an option with all 4!

I cant seem to find any threads regarding Vemmio on the ST forums, and really want to use mainly the door contact and motion sensors for my use case.

Is there a way to combine the code of both “devices” and create a custom device that will accept the readings from all 4 sensors?


Pretty sure that’s a rebranded Philio PST02. (I didn’t see any listings for Vemmio in the official conformance statements.)

In order to handle the multiple sensors, This device uses some notification commandsets that the smartthings hub does not support, so integration has been complicated. See the following for some attempts. Also note that different models have different suffix IDs, which indicate exactly which sensors are included in the multi sensor.

Philio PST02-1A 4-in-1 Multi Sensor Device Handler

In addition, it’s possible that any of the older DTH is might need to be updated for the new app, which is a whole second set of modifications that might be required.

At one point, @johnconstantelo did some work on these sensors. He has mostly switched to Zigbee devices these days, but he might have some thoughts.

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Thanks for providing this information.

Yes the sensor I have looks like a rebranded Philio PST02, and unfortunately the DH in the article isnt accepted when I try to create from code.

Apologies for my lack of programming knowledge, but I find it odd that all 4 sensors work using the different DH’s, and there isnt a way to combine the functionality of the 2 DH’s or add the device twice? Once as a Door contact and again as a Motion/Lux/temp sensor.

I appreciate your help with this topic.

Every device has a unique network ID. You cannot add the same device twice under two different IDs, it won’t get the messages.

That said, it may be possible to create two device tiles for it so that it looks like two different devices in the app even though it isn’t, but I will have to leave that to the experienced programmers.

Hi @JDRoberts, I had the PSM01 sensors which were the 3 in 1 version. That was some time ago though, like 4 years :slight_smile:

@nashdpatel, the DTH code above should allow the 4 sensors (actually capabilities) in that device to work, BUT I can’t be 100% sure because I don’t have one to test with. It technically has combined the 2 DTH’s like youve mentioned. That code may need some work to make it compatible with the new app, so be aware of that.

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Thanks for your response.

I’m very new to ST and not sure where to start in updating the DH to work with the new app.
I will try to find some guides on the forum/YouTube and see how I get on!

That failing, if you are based in the UK, and I could get one of these 4-in-1 sensors over to you, do you think it would take you long to recode it?


I added the Philio model number to the topic title, just in case someone has one of those working and might be able to help.


Unfortunately I’m not, but I use to travel to Desford/Leicester quite often, as well as Stockton on occasion.