[OBSOLETE] Beta Verisure Integration

So I’ve had my smarthub for little over a week now, loving it! So I took a shot at trying to expand on an exsisting solution, I hope this is OK and i would love to get feedback and if there are better way’s to achive this.

Luckly I found an initial integration for Verisure was already done by anderssv and I used that as a base for this SmartApp.

This integration provides the following;

Verisure Alarm - Device Handler
A sensor device that provides events for Alarm state, including timestamps and who triggered the state change.

Verisure Sensor - Device Handler
Any verisure device that provide climate data will be created as an Verisure Sensor and provides timestamp, temperature and humidity if available.

Verisure - SmartApp
This app creates and updates each device as it polls the verisure API.


  • Add the repository or manually copy the code of both the SmartApp and the two device handlers.
  • Once the SmartApp is added, enter you credentials and you should be good to go.

I’ve been running this on my end for a while now and not seen any major problems with it, one thing I have noticed is that when this is used in WebCore, temperature and humidity is wrong for some reason that I’ve not been able to figure out. 25,6c turns out to 256c by some mysterious magic. :confused:

Except for this, it seems to be working perfectly fine though. A big thanks to anderssv for his work that I could build upon and learn from! :smiley:

Github Repository


Awesome! :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking about doing the sensors for a while. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what your level of experience with Github etc. is, I would love if we could do either pull requests to just maintain one version. Or maybe just a shared repository that we both have commit rights for?

That would be great, no need to have seperate ones!

I’m fine with either way, i’m happy give you access in the repo I have if you would like to handle it that way. :slight_smile:

I did a move to a separate (focused repo with only Verisure) to preserve Git history. And I gave you access. Just update the files with your code, I just moved my stuff to maintain history. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I pushed my code there earlier, I will point my repo towards that one a bit later! :slight_smile:

Will there be new functionalities like:

  • Arm /Disarm the alarmsystem with input of the pin code
  • Read status of smartplugs and turn them on/off
  • Read status of the Window/Door sensors

All of this are available in Home Assistant.

Good work with the Verisure integration, by the way:smiley:


It’s taken some time but I finally got round to look at it. Awesome work; I’ve pushed an update that makes sure values for humidity and temperature are reported as numbers. That makes the temp visualization work too. I think that might explain the issue you have under “known issues”.

@orecus : Maybe you should update info in the first post with the new Github repo. :slight_smile:

Thanks @anderssv Just updated myself to the new version, working great and finally I have a decent temperature! I’ll update the first post and point to the new repo! :slight_smile:

The device handler is updated with capabilities. :slight_smile: Not a big issue, but matters in some smart apps. :slight_smile:


Thanks for putting down a lot of effort and work into this great cause!

I’m using the integration but I have a question or rather a suggestion.

Today when alarm is armed it trigger an action which is a routine. In my case goodbye! That routine will in turn change smart home monitor into armed (away). But iI want to catch the Verisure armed event in other routines as well, for example a routine that turn off all lights that can be used during day time. Would it be possible to implement the Verisure state as a door sensor for added flexibility? If it is unarmed it is open and if it is armed it is closed? With that it would be possible to create additional routines that fire on Verisure status changes.


So you’re trying to do this in Routines right? Have you considered using WebCoRE? I really recommend using it for more advanced rules and tasks.

There is a virtual alarm added with the installation of the app, we could extend that to have some kind of switch/door/window capability, but it feels a bit off. And we’d need to figure out the messaging. It is mainly because of limitations in the Routines triggers we would do that then…


I have managed to connect to my Verisure account and I see my smoke detectors in the app as “things”. Then I have adjusted the code making it possible to change the icon, and I have changed the device names in the app. Now it won’t update the temperature and humidity status.

Is that because I changed the code/name?

Maybe. :slight_smile: Is this still a problem? You need to be aware that the temp/humidity sensors in Verisure updates at very long intervals. So you might just have to wait? :slight_smile:

What code change is needed to make the icons changeable? Maybe you could submit a pull request?

It’s still a problem yes. The sensors have not been updated since they were added. They have in the Verisure app during the same period.

I made the icons changeble thrugh changing “canChangeIcon: false” to “canChangeIcon: true” on line 39

I’d be suprised if that broke anything, but you never know. :slight_smile: Try the code without modifications again to see if it works. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! I’m trying out webcore, managed to get the functionality I wanted! So now I need to move all routines into webcore…

Anyway to add more Verisure devices in to this?
For med it would be great to have the smartplugs and status of the Yale doorman lock I have integrated into Verisure.

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Shouldn’t be that hard, except I don’t have those devices. So I guess we’d need someone to test and implement that other than me. :slight_smile:

Well, I can test, but not implement :slight_smile:

Ill, be…I just stumbled across this one, but cannot get it working.

The SmartApp and Device Handlers installs fine and I can log in. But, I cannot get the devices set up properly at all…

  • The Alarm status will only display as [Armed] with two tiles with dashes in it.
  • The sensors the same, only grey tile with 0 % and two tiles with dashes in it

The Alarm status is what I’m interested in and would provide value to me.