Vera Edge (URC ZW2) Primary Smart Things Secondary

I am working on migrating from Alexa automation to Google. The nice thing about my Alexa setup with the home automation was the auto discovery of ZWave devices. With Google, it doesn’t do that with the module. I know that there Google Home will interface with Smartthings so I was going to add a ST as the secondary controller to mirror the primary. I have it showing up on the Vera as a scene controller which I believe to be correct. The issue is that I am seeing a Please waiting getting secure classes. Should I worry about this current or just let it run overnight?

I received this in the logs: groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: cc for class: java.lang.String @ line 44 under ZWave Controller

As an update, it found all of the Zwave devices. It is having an issue with the lock so I am assuming that is why I am getting the secure class issue. It also isn’t seeing my motions sensors correctly, but I don’t honestly care much about those.

I am running vera as primary and smarttings as secondary so I can use an echo for voice control and it seems to work pretty good. I’m also getting the secure classes message on my vera but everything still works good. I’m assuming its because of one of my locks but hey, it all still works so i’ll deal with the error message for now.