Adding secondary controller to SmartThings

In the last year, I have migrated from a Wink2 to a Vera Plus and have since moved most everything over to SmartThings v3. I am very happy with the upgrade so far. And it is an upgrade.

I find I am keeping the Vera Plus around solely because it is easy to set up direct Z-wave associations for my lighting devices. I have read several threads in the community on how it is possible to add a secondary controller to SmartThings, but those have really spawned more questions than answers. Does anyone have experience adding a Vera as a secondary device? I am not looking to merge Z-wave mesh tables necessarily. Just simply seeing if SmartThings can pick up my Vera Z-wave devices and tell Vera to control them. It would sure be nice to turn off a room from just one app (not named Alexa).

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