V3 hub shows no devices connected yet devices function

I added a V3 hub to my home today, previously I had only wifi devices and did not need a hub but I wanted better automations. The hub was added to my account successfully, and since then I have also been able to add Zigbee devices. Yet when I tap on my hub in SmartThings it states there are no devices connected to it. This is obviously impossible as there is no other way the Zigbee devices could be added and functioning. If I go to the API site, no devices are listed unless I manually select my location despite there only being one and it being set as default - not sure if that’s normal.
Anyway, the devices are then all (both Wifi and Zigbee) listed but the hub field is blank for all of them. If I edit any device and try to select the hub I get the error, " Access Denied: We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation."
I can make other changes on the edit device page without problem. I have deleted, reset and re-added the hub several times. I have also deleted and re-added the devices several times as well, even selecting the hub in the set-up process. I’m not really sure if this will cause any issues for me down the line but something definitely isn’t right.

The Zigbee devices (Sengled plugs with power monitoring) appear to be fully functional despite not being tied to the hub. Hub firmware is 000.043.00004

Anyone have any ideas as to what is going wrong here?

Okay, I bookmarked the location, but unfortunately it didn’t resolve the Access Denial. Clearing my app cache did nothing, nor did a fresh install of ST or using an alternative device to access IDE or ST. Thanks for the suggestions.

yep…contact ST support

you set up the hub with your main account and not with a shared member account?

Right, I’ve only got one account. Support is escalating a ticket, they have no idea what the issue is either.

What does the deivce say for the Type field? If it says placeholder then it can’t be edited from the Groovy IDE you are using.

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By default all of my devices were listed as placeholder but I had changed them already and still got the same error.

yeah… you shouldn’t mess with any device that has placeholder :grimacing:. That means they are using the new SmartThings backend via either a cloud integration or Edge driver.

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So what it seems you did is to install a number of devices using the latest Edge drivers. In the mobile app these are not currently shown in the list of connected devices on the hub pages, which some of us are pleased about because the icons have no functionality and just slow loading the page down.

Then you moved to the Groovy IDE which is a legacy tool for working with Groovy DTHs and SmartApps which just uses a ‘placeholder’ type for current integrations. It is of limited use for working with those devices beyond showing events and their component devices. You should leave things well alone there.

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If you changed them by typing into the IDE, that can break the integration entirely. :disappointed_relieved:

Once you see “placeholder” in the IDE, the only way to change them to a DTH then is to remove them from your account entirely and re-add with a different method.

See the FAQ:

Ah, well all of that is incredibly unintuitive and complete unexplained for a new user. I don’t have enough devices to be concerned about having broken anything. The transition to edge is one of the big reasons I’m finally embracing SmartThings but I did not expect things to be so rough around the edges at this stage.

Thanks everyone for getting me up to speed.


For the old users, too: every one of those community FAQs came into existence because of unannounced and undocumented changes to the platform during this transition. :disappointed_relieved: