V2 Hub was working fine and then

So I am new to all of this but found setting up my ST hub and some zwave accessories to be a good experience.

Everything has been running fine until last night.

1:00am CST I get an alert that the hub is offline…6min later alert that it is online. Then this happens (according to my notifications) 6 more times until I get up in the AM. Hub is blinking that purple/magenta color.

I try unplugging power. Unplugging power and batteries. Reset button, different port on router, different Ethernet cable. And all the same it just sits at the purple
Blinking led.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It was working fine for over a week before this!

There’s a firmware update going on right now so you could be one of the unlucky few with a bad update. I would highly recommend you contact support so they could sort it out for you.

Thanks :confused: Guess I will reach out to them.