Hub single red light then nothing

This evening my v2 hub went offline for the first time. Blue solid light. Suggestion was to reboot with reset button in back. Restarted, showed a red light on the front and then nothing. No lights. Thought it might be the batteries. Pulled them, waited 15 minutes, put in new batteries, same thing.

Anyone know what the single red light means? Or have any magic way to reboot a hub?

I did the v1 to v2 exclude and rebuild from scratch. I don’t know if I can do it again. :confused:

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Resolved thanks to Mort and Chad in support! Turned out there are two issues.

  1. My airport express that the hub is hooked to took a dump and wasn’t giving the hub its ip

  2. There’s apparently an issue with the hub status lights not showing after a restart, so when didn’t see the blinking blue I assumed the worst.

We’re investigating an issue where the LED on the front of the Hub is not powering on blue when there is a network issue. The little brief red section at the start up is normal and expected, but what we’re not seeing is the follow up lights.

Back up and running.


@evanbeek Thanks for reporting back your status. Solved my issue. My hub went offline today with the outage and never returned so I thought the single red light and then nothing meant bricked hub but your post made me check the network and sure enough the cable into my network switch was loose.

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No problem. Glad it helped!

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