V3 app not compatible for my phone

Bought V3 hub (coming from wink), but my phone is too old for the V3 app. I have downloaded the classic app and its asking for a code. please advise, thanks

The v3 hub will require the new app in order to set it up. Do you have a tablet, by chance, that you could use to set up?

Also, what phone do you have and what OS and version?

samsung galaxy J3 star
android version 8.0.0

What errors or messages are you getting on that phone? My wife is still using an old S6 with an older Android OS, and the app installed ok on that phone.

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I’d imagine his problem may be that the app is not even available in the Google Play Store for him to download. The app demands (or demanded) a staggering 2Gb of RAM, which was simply not available on budget, or even low to middle end, phones even two years ago. Similarly, the required resolution, while not particularly high, was a notch up from what was available on the same phones.

For the first year and a half I never even saw the ‘new’ app, as it would not run on any of the several Android phones and tablets I had access to. To this day I remain baffled that a mobile app is required to usefully use SmartThings.


correct, the new app is not available in playstore.

I installed the classic app, and one of the first couple of screens, it asks me for a CODE to input, which I understand came with V2 hubs.

Can anyone confirm if I use another phone just to set up the HUB, that I could later control it with the Classic App?

Yes that would be workaround. Note that there are additional devices which are not supported by the Classic app and the process of moving users from the Classic to new app is in progress.

And a lot of features of the Classic app are no longer available to new users (Routines, Smart Home Monitor, etc).