Several new strange devices appearing

Hi , can somebody advise me on this please?

When I recently added a new device ( Smartthings leak detector) I noticed it also added 13 other devices that include

Virtual Energy Meter
LAN Device Monitor
web req multi master
DSC Primary Panel
Counter Utility
Etc Etc

I deleted all of these but when I re-added in a device that had failed with a low battery and wouldn’t re appear … all of these other devices also appeared

I don’t have a clue what they are and why they have appeared, can somebody give me an idea what they are and how can I get rid of them.

I’m on a V2 hub ver 45.00011

and app ver



Have you installed any Community Developed Edge Drivers?

Hi I’m not sure but I might have done …

If they add again, open one, click on the 3 dots and look if Driver is listed. That would show the channel of the developer. If it is not an Edge Driver, look in IDE.

Yes “Driver” is listed. I think I might have installed the derivers but I cant remember how or when I did that. If I did should I delete them ? and how … its not clear from within the app

See which channel. You can go to the hub listing, open it and click on 3 dots and select Driver, then remove any Drivers you don’t need for that developer’s channel. May require more investigation before removing. If you can identify the developer you can ask questions with them first. Don’t want you to remove something that could be needed.

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From the hub I can see the hub is registered to TAustin Shared Projects and displays all the edge drivers I have seen appear as devices. However which ever one i try to remove it says drive rin use. So my thought is I have to remove the device in the app first and then remove the driver.

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how many drivers did you install? you only need to install the drivers you need

you can remove the ones you dont need but you need to remove the devices you dont nee from smartthings app first

Wanted to point out earlier, be careful how many Drivers you enroll… there is a limit and/or too many could cause issues with your hub.

I think around 13 . I have now removed all the “no room assigned” devices and that allowed me to remove al the drivers in the TAustin Shared Project. I also unenrolled from the TAustin Share Project and now only have what looks to be standard ST drivers for Z wave Sensor, Zigbee Switch etc .

So I think I’ve solved the problem , but what I don’t understand is why would devices appear if only drivers are available , surely the drivers should only be used when a device requests it or it is selected via the app, also Am i right in saying that in effect these drivers replaced dth and therefore if I have a new device where there is a third party driver available that is when I would need to install drivers … guess still confused over the whole Edge driver setup

That’s right- you can’t remove a driver until you first delete all devices that have been created by it.

Those drivers are either for LAN devices or for virtual devices that exploit LAN driver functionality. Whenever the app initiates a scan for devices on a hub the LAN drivers installed on that hub will run their ‘discovery’ routines to see if there are any new devices they need to add, and they are often designed to maintain a single sentinel device that is either the only device needed, or can be used to manually create further devices outside of the discovery process. Those sentinel devices are what you are seeing.

Ah ok thank you

I get it but I think it could be confusing for others

All sorted now … thank you all for the replies and help