V2 eating batteries ( for no reason)

Okay my hub is on its third set of batteries in 3 months. There has to be a problem. When the initial batteries only lasted about a month, I attributed it to just being the “cheap” batteries that came with it, and me carrying around the house on battery power pairing devices.
When I noticed they were dead ( went to restart it and noticed it shut down before I pulled a battery ) I replaced them with Duracell red batteries, the same batteries that last well over a year in Schlage 469 locks. I was rearranging things the other day and unplugged the surge protector with the hub in it. Power was disconnected for < 1min and I noticed hub going through boot up cycle when I plugged it back in.
There is really no reason why I should have to keep replacing these batteries in the hub if they are only used for battery back-up and it has never been without line power. Shouldn’t there be some battery status in app ?

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Humm this doesn’t sound good.

Designing efficient battery powered devices isn’t exactly a cake walk!! I was wondering what type of performance they were expecting. Are you sure your power hasn’t gone out and drained them before you flicked the switch on your surge protector?

I don’t have the batteries in my V2 hub (I have to reboot it too often). Curious what answer your going to get back. Have you opened a case with Tech-support?

If somebody had incidentally shut off the strip , we would’ve been without TV,Tivo etc etc, so it would’ve been noticed. I put the V2 in the entertainment center, because the network switch there had an extra empty port.

Ok, this cannot be good! I had to open the box today and my batteries look like this…(note that this hub was in service a little over 2 months, installed on October 1st 2016).

@slagle @Aaron any thoughts?