V2 Hub interfering with WiFi devices like Sonoff


I have a V2 hub that i can’t use :frowning:

After it continually knocking out ALL of my Sonoff light switches (even had to get two replaced) i gave up trying to use it, however I would.like to get it working so have came here to try and get some help/advice :slight_smile:

After purchasing it i also read that it should be installed 15 feet away from any wireless device…how is that possible in a “smart home” ???

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

Mine is about 2’ away from my wireless router and a Arlo base station and it works really well.

Does the Hub work at all when you plug it in? Do you have other devices besides the Sonoff ?The Sonoff switches are WiFi and I’m pretty sure the Hub does not send out a WiFi signal to interfere with the switches it definitely would not take down a switch or switches, Maybe it’s an IP conflict with the hub. I would start by checking your router config.

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It should be more than 6ft from your WiFi router/hub, IDK where you read 15ft from any WiFi device. But Wifi and Zigbee can absolutely interfere with each other as they both use the 2.4ghz space. Zigbee is very low power compared to Wifi so if zigbee is causing you’re WiFi devices to fall offline… your WiFi sucks.
The article below may help explain.

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Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Can i change the hub to work off 5ghz as my light switches are 2.4 ??

Hi yes it does however if i leave it plugged in my light switches get knocked off the network.

I also have Alexa and wemo devices and it also knocks these off my network :frowning:

Isn’t you hub using an Ethernet cable?

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The V2 hub doesn’t have a Wi-Fi radio at all. It’s only using ethernet.

I believe you are seeing what you’re saying, but it cannot be Wi-Fi to WiFi interference. If it is truly a V2 hub.

So the first thing is to check the model number on the hub itself to make sure we’re all talking about the same thing.

Next, the advice to place the smartthings hub at least 3 m from your Wi-Fi router isn’t to prevent interference to the router, it’s to avoid interference from the router. Zigbee will get knocked off by Wi-Fi, but it would be very rare for Wi-Fi to get knocked off by Zigbee. So something else is going on.

I would start by unplugging the smartthings hub from the router altogether but do plug it in on power. If everything is OK that way, but when you plug in the router you start seeing odd things, then it’s probably either a port conflict or maybe something with super LAN connect.

@erocm1231 might have some thoughts, he’s done a lot with sonoff devices.

If your Sonoff devices are getting interfered with, then it’s likely some kind of networking issue with your router. Do you perhaps have anything with static IPs assigned? If so, are they outside your Dhcp pool? The zigbee radio on the V2 hub does use 2.4ghz, but it wouldn’t interfere with your wifi. The wifi, on the other hand can really mess with zigbee depending on which zigbee channel your hub chooses and which channel your 2.4ghz wifi is using.

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OK I’ve plugged it all back in after having it unplugged for months, I’ve checked the MAC addresses on all of my switches and the hub, they are all different.

I do have a static IP as I work of two routers. - one is just a basic one supplied by my ISP (this has the static IP) and the other is a nighthawk which works through a VPN. I also have an Ethernet hub as my routers didn’t have enough connection ports so the smart things hub is plugged into this.

I checked online at the hub images and mine is definitely V2, if i remember correctly everything will be OK until tomorrow morning e.g. i’ll get up and all my switches will be offline.

Is there anything else i can do whilst everything is currently working OK ??