Devices dropping off in the evening

Hi All

I have recently replaced some failing devices and got everything back up and running. However, an old problem has reappeared over the last few days. Every evening multiple devices drop off and become unavailable. I turned off my hub last night and restarted it. Most devices came back slowly but a couple didn’t return until this morning.

I have one wifi extender. Hub located next to router. All devices that drop off are smartthings – multi, motion and water

Once I move my Hub to another room, a lot of my problems went away. I think there was some interference with my Hub being next to my router.

Might not be relevant but worth a shot…

thanks. will try that. Doesn’t the hub need a wired connection to the router?

Yep. I have a wired network with 4 switches. Pretty easy to run Cat 5e cable.

It sounds suspiciously like interference between 2.4GHz WiFi and Zigbee. If you haven’t come across that before the bottom line is that Zigbee and 2.4GHz WiFi channels have a considerable overlap. Your hub will have a fixed Zigbee channel (I believe selected from a range when first used) so you are stuck with that but you can force the WiFi to use a channel that keeps as far out of its way as it can rather than using an automatic selection which might choose the worst one (and may vary when you reboot your router).

Ideally you want to minimise 2.4GHz WiFi use, especially with boosters, and get some distance between the hub and the router. Ten feet is often suggested but any distance is better than nothing. Using mains powered Zigbee devices to provide repeating to strengthen the Zigbee mesh can help too.

There are several discussions on this subject on this community and many more on the net to give you more info.

It might not be that at all, but enough boxes have been ticked for it to be considered.

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thanks Orangebucket

I can’t find any info on minimising 2.4Ghz wifi use, other than getting a new router with 5Ghz / dual band (searched this forum and google)

Any tips would be much appreciated

I have two smarthings power outlets which i believe act as zigbee repeaters

my hub sits behind my smart tv, nestled amongst my router and hue bridge so I think interference is a fair bet

With regard to WiFi, I think it’s really a case of making a point of using 5GHz if you have it and your devices support it. If you don’t have it there isn’t a lot that you can do.

Is for example wifi channel 24 on the same frequency as Zigbee channel 24?

My ST Zigbee is on channel 24.

Grtn Ben

The channel numbers don’t correspond; here is the goto reference on coexistence:

Zigbee channel 24 would overlap the sideband lobe of wifi channel 11.