Searching for new device disables wifi on internet router

When trying to add a Fibaro FGS-222 to my Hub I find that the wifi (both bands) on my internet router is disabled. So far this has happened everytime. I have to use a LAN connection to reconfigure/re-enable the wifi on the router. The router is a “La Box” supplied by SFR/Numericable in France. I have already added a Heatit thermostat successfully. I cannot understand why the wifi is now being disabled when searching for the new device. Can anyone help?

That’s interesting because your hub is wired to your hub, so I’m wondering if there’s some type of interference with the Zigbee radio and your wifi. Could your hub’s zigbee channel and router channel be the same and potentially causing this problem?

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I am not at all an expert just an old beginner! Using a wifi analyser on my
phone or Acrylic on my pc I can see at the moment that our 2400 MHz
connection seems to be extremely poor or not working (this is not normal)
but the 5000 MHz is OK. I can see other 2400 MHz routers at other houses!
The Hub is not connected to the router but is on and next to it. I don’t
know what the Hub uses. The internet provider has suggested we change the
router for version 2 which may be better protected against interference. I
will do this next week. I have also tried moving the Hub as far as possible
away from the router (5 metre ethernet cable) but this made no difference.
But I am surprised that Zigbee or Zwave can interfere with wifi. Can it? We
also have Amazon echo in the house.

​I have replied directly but please advise etc if you want to put dialogue
on the forum.

Many thanks​


Hi @Andrew_Downing,

I would definitely do this because this may help. I’d also see what ST support may be able to offer you for help.

Zigbee, yes. Zwave, no. Zwave frequencies are different than wifi, and are different within each country; but Zigbee does use 2.4. Even if you moved your hub further away from the ST hub, there could still be interference, especially since your 2.4 wireless is not good.

I’m not too knowledgeable on this topic, but it sounds like to me that something is not right with your router. I’m assuming you’re not using an ST hub from the US, right?


When I shut down the LAN connection the 2400 MHz WiFi came back on strongly
for about a second. But gone again. We have UK Hub. Only plan to use zwave.
I suspect router’s internal circuits are causing the problem. It would be
useful to know what frequencies Hub emits.

Thanks AD

Hi @Andrew_Downing,

This discussion may help:

Here are the WiFi and zigbee channels. WiFi across the top and zigbee on the bottom. Make sure they don’t overlap. BCEE2BBB-3FE7-4599-B957-9927A684D5EC

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Have you updated the routers software lately? I had a router that would drop WiFi every time it would rain. I updated the software & all the dropping issues went away. Check on the manufacturer’s website for the software version & updates.