Envisalink EVL4 vs NuTech AD2USB / AD2PI




I have an alarm system at home that I would like to connect to SmartThings (DSC unit with a few sensors).

While shopping around, I came to 2 devices that would work:

  • Envisalink 4
  • NuTech AD2PI / AD2USB

Does anyone have first hand experience with these? Are you satisfied with your setup?
What are the pros/cons of each device?

thank you

(Hendre) #2

I don’t know the NuTech, but I have the Envisalink (and many others on this forum, judging from the discussions relating to the device.)
The Envisalink does all I need (for home use) and more. Using it with @Xero 's device handlers and smart app, I’m super happy with what it can do.
Look at this thread: DSC -> EVL-3(4) -> Alarmserver -> Smartthings, and especially the last few posts. You will however have to get something like a Raspberry Pi to run an app “AlarmServer” to accomplish the integration with ST.


I might go with Envisalink. They have a larger userbase, which makes me home the software is more refined


I had good success with the AD2Pi with my Vista 20p system. I can control the system through ST and also have access to the keypad from any browser for remote access/programming. Setup was straight forward and I actually had a Pi already which I used so in my case it was about $40 less for the AD2Pi.

(Jeffrey) #5

I have a ad2usb attached to a pi. Works great and was an easy setup. Also the integration with ST is excellent. No complaints here.