V2 Hub died and have to change to new one

(Charlie Rowell) #1

Is there an easy way to do this? If not can anyone give me the steps to do it. I have tried to exclude everything but now they will not connect to my new hub.

(Geko) #2

This has been discussed many times. See, for example

(Robin) #3

If you have already excluded everything, a migration tool wouldn’t help you even if one existed.

How did you do the exclusions? If you just deleted everything via the IDE then each device will need to be reset.

Reset methods vary from device to device so you’ll need to refer to that box of manuals you hopefully keep somewhere (or just ask Google lol).

(Greg) #4

yeah well even the manuals are wrong sometimes. I migrated a hub today. FYI Monoprice motion sensors require two quick pushes of the button, not one like the manual clearly states. :imp:

(Robin) #5

They do that to test us… manuals are normally right most the time though.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #6

Yeah, like the Chilton’s 350 rebuild manual I had once . Pictures abs directions had the timing set 180 degrees out… Can you guess how many times I pulled a cam?

(Bobby) #7

Here is my favorite way… @greg, if you have time, drop a line with your “lessons learned”. I added mine when I had to replace mine…

(Hendre) #8

I suppose the most important lesson, especially for people like myself for whom things always happen too slowly: Don’t expect to do it quickly. It is going to take you at least a weekend if you start on a Friday evening. Ask your family to leave you alone during that time, especially if you, like me, can’t multitask. It will take lots of searching for solutions, as many devices don’t respond as expected and as mentioned above, their manuals are often incomplete of blatantly wrong. Still, download all device-manuals beforehand and find the relevant portions.
And above all, don’t expect to do it quickly. :smirk:
Best of luck with the move.
Afterthought - Someone in one of the migration threads suggested getting an Aeon Minimote - that saved me a lot of time to exclude devices from the previous hub (but it can’t, unfortunately, be used to include secure devices - that would have saved the most time)