Steps to replace v2 hub with new v2 hub

Can someone guide me on the steps that are needed to replace my old v2 hub (still works with batteries but not with power) with my new v2 hub.
I heard that there is no migration tool yet, but I at least need to know how to do it manually.
Thank you

Ummm… There’s a half-dozen or more existing Topics on this…

Search :mag: is your friend.

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Search for “Migra” (as in migtate, migrating…).

V2 to V2 is same as V1 to V2.

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Every article I’ve searched for and found here all mention v1 to v2. I have not seen one mentioning v2 to v2, that’s why I’m asking if there is an official guide for v2 to v2.
Thank you.

Thank you. That’s all I needed to know.

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No problem, Eric… When I did a quick search for hub migration, I observed that nearly all the titles all said V1 to V2, and, unfortunately, the process is just unchanged for V2 to V2… ie, it hasn’t improved since V1 to V1 on day 1… 4+ years ago.

Pretty crappy procedure for migration!