How to migrate from Smartthings Hub v1 to v2. I must be missing something

Could use some help here. I am sure that there’s little chance that Smartthings/Samsung didn’t build in a smooth migration path from a v1 hub to a v2 hub, that would just be senseless. So if someone could point me to the info on how to migrate that would be great.

I’m sure I’m just missing something obvious…

No, you’re not missing anything obvious. There is currently no migration tool. You’ll need to move everything over to the new hub, once device/app at a time. Do a search and you’ll see lots of Hub v2 migration discussions.

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This is the official migration instructions:

As pointed out, there’s also plenty of discussion in the forum about migrating.


Ha ha ha ha!!! ROTFLMAO :laughing:


^ At least someone understands sarcasm :wink: )

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Sorry, sometimes it’s hard to get sarcasm when it’s too close to reality. :wink:

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No need to apologize, all in good fun! :smile:

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The lack of a migration tool is the reason I’m not upgrading. I’m sure I’m not the only one!