V2 hub / controller shift (for future "Hub to Hub migration")

Does the v2 hub support controller shift? Since the v1 to v2 hub is such a fiasco for many people, It would ease my mind a bit to know if things will be better with a v2 to v3 (or even samsung smart tv).

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I believe not. @duncan would know.

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We’re still working on a seamless migration process that backs up the z-wave and zigbee networks and restores them on a new hub. It will also be useful when replacing a malfunctioning hub. It hasn’t been in active development lately because of work on the stability of hub v2, so I can’t estimate when it will be available.

Controller shift doesn’t work as well as migration because it doesn’t update devices’ associations to the new hub.

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Any update on that topic please?

After getting put on the back burner, the migration feature was never prioritized again, though lately there has been some discussion about doing a simpler version that would still allow migrating without having to rebuild absolutely everything.


We’ve been discussing that here since September 2015 :grimacing::smirk: … But good to hear!

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