Migration from V2 to V3 Hub


Having some trouble with my v2 hub, so decided to upgrade to the v3 hub (as yesterday Smartthings support said there would be an option to migrate in the app once both hubs were installed).

Low and behold, ordered the v3 and installed today, no migration option exists in the app. Called smartthings support again and they said the option was removed and that I should post out here in the dev community to get assistance migrating from v2 to v3.

Anyone know if it’s possibly without setting everything up from scratch?

Thanks much!

not anymore, I think it died with the Edge capable firmware.

That said you aren’t missing much - even if it HAD worked for you, you would STIL need to re-pair all of your Zwave devices. (Potentially your Zigbee too - unclear)

Best advice I’ve seen is ensure you place some kind of virtual device (bound to your new hub if given the option) in EVERY automation you have - that way when you delete a device to move it from old to new any automations that would otherwise end up with empty devices (and therefore deleted - still hate that behavior) wont vanish.

I was deleting some sensors the other day and their automations were not deleted. Try with one device first see if you get that too. Perhaps it was because they had sunrise to sunset or sunset to sunrise as well.