Garage Door Opener hub V2

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I have just gotten my hub setup and have started adding switches etc. But I am wanting to control my garage door but I have read some posts about having problems with controlling garage doors with the new hub and it displaying as one device and not a controller and a sensor. With yalls experience what is the best way to do this without having to replace my current garage door opener? Thank you for any help!

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I have a Chamberlain MyQ door opener. I was using the Chamberlain app before getting my V2 hub. Using MyQ Connect from the SmartThings Lab, I now control my door within the SmartThings app. I’ve had no issues with this set up.

Hi @Mgreen4117,

Welcome to ST and the community! Your question will generate many different opinions. If you want relatively simple integration via Z-Wave (my preference), then you have many options. Other options do exist, like MyQ, but they typically require another gateway and will need a SmartApp to integrate to ST. All solutions will not require you to replace what you have now for an opener.

Your zwave options can vary:

GoControl/Linear/NuTone/Telguard devices are all good, as well as standalone relays like the MIMOLite/Evolve/RemoTec. I currently use a MIMOLite with an integrated hardwired open/close sensor, and have been for almost 2 years. If I had to replace my current set up with something new, I’d use Telguard’s solution.

my smartapp,

if you have separate swtich and open/close sensor and not one of the integrated devices in the above posts;

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Lgkahn is there a switch and sensor that you recommend that works best with your app?

I have both a tilt sensor on my moms garage door and a regular ecolink door sensor on mine. Either work OK. The time out needs to be longer slightly in the tilt sensor as it takes longer to show open. For the switch I use a linear fs20z