V2 and Samsung SmartCam - stuck on password

I’m trying to integrate V2 and an already setup Samsung Smartcam. SmartThings sees the camera, but when I try to enter a password, it keeps saying it can’t verify it. I know I’m typing in the correct password, I’ve tried several times. Anyone have an idea of what I need to do to get this to work?

One thing that confused me at first is there is a samsung cam password and an actual camera password.

I assume we use the camera password. That’s what I used. Is that what you used?

Yes. Sorry I’m not sure what else it could be.

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Yeah, it’s odd. I’ll try again, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll factory reset it and try connecting directly from ST. Thanks.

Found it. When I went into the Samsung app, I decided to change the password. I used one I use for a set of devices on my local wireless, which happens to be 9 characters long. To change the password, you re-type in current password.

What I didn’t know is Samsung only allows 8 characters. If you type more, it just silently ignores the extra. I didn’t see this until I typed in my current password, which was in plain text. I could then see, it just ignored the last char.

When I accessed the camera from the Samsung app, it ignored the extra, but it doesn’t ignore the extra character from SmartThings.


I.had the same issue
You can ignore the error by still.hitting next when it can’t verify.the password. And go on anyway. There seems to be some bug with.it.

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Wow Thank you for this thread. I was having the same issue until your thread save me continuous headaches.

I can’t hit “next” it only says OK or cancel? Any other way around this? I am trying on my phone and tablet?