Smartthings Cam crashes the app ! please help

I have Smartthings Cam and it was working well.
Suddenly , when opening the app and try to enter to the Cam it crashes the Smartthings App.
I enter the IDE and realise that the HUB and ID is empty, when trying to update the missing values it says Access Denied.
Can someone help please?

Any device with Placeholder as the Device Type, i would not worry about changing/editing them. They are part of the new architecture so don’t expect them to have all the fields that were needed on the old groovy-based devices.

But I cannot enter the camera, cannot view clips and cannot enter its settings, nothing. It crashes the entire smartthings app

I am not sure what to tell you so hopefully someone who uses them can step in to assist. Perhaps uninstall/reinstall the cam to see if that resolves it. But editing it in IDE should have no effect.

Contact ST support and report the issue of the cam not working.

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I reinstalled it like 5 times

I had the same problem. Reinstalling the camera didn’t help.
I had to delete and reinstall the ST app and that fixed it.


iOS or Android? iOS had a bug viewing cameras in the previous version that was fixed in the most recent release.

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I have Android s9 plus

I have this issue as well. Using ST on two devices, Samsung note8 and Samsung note10+.
Smart things loads but when you select the specific smart things cam you want to live view, it acts like it’s gonna load and the entire app crashes. Offers to send an error report. The only workaround fix I’ve found so far is to go to app settings and clear data, then reaccess the app. It does not require me to enter login information since it’s linked to my Samsung account on the phones, but it does require that I re-download the smartthings cam app within ST each time. No clue what to do at this time to prevent this.

Here is what I view, and when I click the image shown for the camera(which is a frozen image btw), I get the the app crash info that allows me to send details.

Can we get a reply from ST?

I am having the same problem. Deleting and reinstalling the ST app temporarily fixes the problem only to happen again.

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I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:. This forum was set up many years ago so customers could help other customers. It is not an official support channel and not officially monitored for trouble reports. Some ST employees do post here from time to time, but there’s no guarantee anyone from ST will see posts here.

Instead, open a ticket with support.



This also occurs with Arlo cams, only in the android app, the iOS app works as expected. Issue began after the August android update and continues with the latest. Uninstall/Reinstall only works temporarily, perhaps until a reboot of the phone. I have opened a support ticket.

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The same thing happens to me. I’m on Android

I’ve just entered a ticket for the same issue. To make it even worse, I’m on A Samsung phone, and using the Samsung mesh routers for my home network. My entire smart eco-system is Samsung. This should all work seamlessly. I’ll reply if I get resolution through tech support so others can have the information.

This appears resolved , at least for my Arlo cams, with the latest Android app update (October). No more crashing and works as expected.