V1 to V2 Migration - Nightmare

Wow. That is all I can say. I’ve been a big advocate of SmartThings v1 since it came out a while ago. I was one of those who embraced it when I bought my first house and replaced all the light switches. Then I replaced the HVAC controllers. Then I bought a Amazon Echo. It was a slippery slope.

I had very few issues with v1. Of course after about 4 months owning the V1, they announced the V2. No big deal. The only thing it really had that I wanted was local access, so I passed on it.

After they announced they were integrating Dlink Cameras I got excited and ordered a few of the outdoor wireless cameras. It was totally my fault for not reading the fine print. They only work with the V2. So I went ahead and bought the V2. I googled the migration plan and saw there was one, and didn’t really look too far into it.

Now, I am stuck in this train wreck migration. All my years in IT, both engineering and sales, I have never, ever experienced such a horrendous process for migration. I’m saying this, and I support the federal government, so you know it has to be bad.

First off. You cannot mislead customers by saying “Migration”. We all have to agree, that a migration is moving an existing something to a new anything. This is not a migration by any means. Its not even a “Build from the ground up” because you literally have to go sensor by sensor to remove them from the old system, delete anything you had previously set up, and then start to build from the ground up.

Second, why is it to difficult to un-associate everything from the V1? Nothing works the same. Some sensors require batteries pulled. Some require manually forcing the hub into a general exclude. Some devices exclude by just removing them. Some of my devices remove, then rejoin under a generic name. Some just refuse to exclude no matter which way you do it.

The process to migrate is insulting to customers. The documentation is sub-par. The marketing is misleading.

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You’re right, there is no migration. Although it was promised last year - still waiting (at least we need a backup mechanism).

As for deleting and all of the extra work. Sorry, but you can just exclude on v2 and then add. Support can delete the old location.

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This is what i did. Left automatons up so i could reference them. Then had sorry support the old one.

Totally understand your frustration. Took me 6 months to move everything over. The biggest problem was the exclusion procedures for all the different brands. I blame this on the manufacturers of those brands but everything else on ST for making it painful.