V-Home integration with Google Home & IFTTT

I just got v-home security starter kit from vodafone which uses the v-home automation routine to set the alarm. I want to use my google home to be able to set the alarm and access the other routines on my smartthings hub but I cant seem to be able to connect the hub to my google home.

All the devices connected to the hub do appear on my google home e.g. zipato siren, ST sensor, ST camera but not the hub.
When I go to smartapps in ST API i can see that google cloud is connected but the double bars on left are greyed out (see picture) for both google and ifttt. Is it something vodafone has blocked? Any way around this?

No, because I don’t have V-Home and it is the same for me. Those apps just can’t be paused.

Hmmm could there be another reason then why i cant access the smart thing routines in google assistant or ifttt?

With Google Assistant you either authorize access to all devices, scenes and routines, or authorize things individually, with Routines and Scenes being bundled together. The routines will be subject to security restrictions that prevent you doing things like disarming alarms. So the first check is that you are authorized to access the routines which you can do in the smartapp or you can see by hovering over the smartapp entry in the listing in the IDE pictured earlier.

For IFTTT, the smartapp makes no mention of routines and scenes at all, only devices.

Just checked now Google cloud says all enabled (picture below) but doesnt mention anything about the automation routines, on the other hand V-Home Monitor Smartapp is not visible in the list at all. Can ST hub send its state to google assisstant i.e. whether it is in Home or Away mode?

It’s probably restricted like normal routines that involve Smart Home Monitor.

Going back to basics. When you say the routines aren’t on Google, where have you looked? Only the almost unusable Google Home app buries third party routines and scenes deep. They don’t show on the home screen, they don’t show under Settings and they only show under Account / Settings / if they are assigned to a room. The only reliable place to find them is in Account / Settings / Assistant / Home Control.

Thanks guys I finally figured out! You are right about the Google home app routines we’re buried in accounts under devices but main problem was that I was using the new smartthings app instead of smartthings classic the new app actually looks like an old version classic app is so much better. When I installed the classic app all the routines appeared in Google home except the vhome monitor which I suspect is because of security reasons.