Google Home & SmartThings integration

Supposedly I should be able to share routines and such between ST & GH. GH is linked to ST and ST is linked to GH. My ST motion sensor is showing up in GH, but not my SmartApps nor Automations. Nothing from GH seems to be crossing into ST (not sure if it’s supposed to anymore). I was hoping to see my ST SmartApps and/or Automations show up in GH. Am I looking in the wrong spot? Am I missing something?

My ultimate goal is to get ST to kick off a routine defined inside GH (telling my Shark IQ vac to startup). I wanted to leverage presence sensors (combination of cell phones and ST arrival sensor) to only run the vac when we’re away.

It doesn’t work that way with Google. You can’t use ST sensors to trigger Google home routines.

Also, Smartthings devices and routines will show up in Google home but not any rules or Automations.

I think Alexa will allow you to execute activities within it’s ecosystem with Smartthings devices, but I would double check that before taking it for gospel. I have 6 Home devices but no Alexa.

If the VAC has IFTTT capabilities you might be able to do what you want going that route using virtual switches within Smartthings.

Alexa does indeed allow you to trigger routines based on sensor change and with the echo speaks smart app, you can trigger Alexa routines and control Alexa devices from within SmartThings

You can try to set up Google Assistant Relay and somehow wire it around to trigger Google Home Automations, but I haven’t tried it myself and needs an extra piece of equipment.

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…and this is where I get a little confused. I’ve “given” google home access to my ST devices and routines, however, ST doesn’t have ROUTINES. Is routines a general phase which includes SmartApps, Automations & scenes? If it does, then those defined in ST are still not showing up in GH anywhere I’ve looked, only my ST devices.

Smartthings had something called “routines” in the classic app. They have been deprecated and are no longer available (so installing the classic app is not going to give you access). Routines have been replaced with scenes and Automations in the new app (the one you are using) but these are not exposed to Google Home.

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exactly what i’d feared. looks like I showed up late to the automation party…

See if your vacuum supports IFTTT. Also, you MIGHT be able to do what you want using Alexa without buying and echo. There is always more than one way to skin the cat. No offense to the cat people here. :wink:

@nathancu do you know if you can use the Alexa software and smartapps without actually installing an echo device?

You should be able to connect it, but I don’t see what it’s going to do for you. 80% (or more) of echo speaks is about letting you send custom text to speech through echo devices… If you don’t have them, well… Also if you are not an Alexa user, the chances you are using thier routines is also very unlikely. But if you are an Alexa user I’d say it’s a must install.

Thanks. I know next to nothing about Alexa. Somewhere I picked up the idea that you could use Alexa as a “man in the middle” without owning the actual device.

About 12-118 months ago there was a rash of people suggesting using Alexa to ‘speak’ to the GH device from an echo causing it to run whatever it was you told it to do or vice versa.

Novel idea but quite messy and not at all attractive in daily ops. If you need to use the GH device as a speaker setup Google home relay with an RPi as suggested above. As to the rest of Googles capabilities, you’ll need someone else I only use Google Home so I can tell the house do do something from. My car through the assistant on Android auto

I do find any Shark references in the “Works with IFTTT” section of the IFTTT app.