Utilitech Siren still compatible?

Just picked up the utilitech siren #0422360 from Lowe’s. im not seeing a “z-wave siren” option when I go to add it to the hub. My options are:

Aeon labs
First alert

None appear to connect. Is this siren still supported?

I have mine added as a SmartAlert Siren

Also try (I haven’t)

It works. I use it. Here is the link for the DTH GatVlieg just mentioned. I use it. It is great


I’ve installed the DTH, but I’m still not seeing it listed when I go to add the siren. It only gives me the same three choices as above. Is there a step I’m missing?

Yes. Just tap “connect new device” from the things screen in the marketplace. If you already added the DTH then ST will recognize the siren once you put the hub in pairing mode.


That did it. Thanks!

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Mine is. Works fine. A little loud but that’s why I got.

Did all the above. Installed the device driver. I can’t see the siren. It never finds it.

Mine is Utiltech TSE07-1.

Any Ideas?

Yup, these still work. You should exclude the device and try including it again. I’ve got 2 working very well.

Nothing to exclude it from. It’s brand new out of the box. I put the batteries in, it starts beeping, but smartthings never detects it.

I’ve had tons of devices that were new in box that needed to be excluded. It’s always a safe bet. When you go to “Add a Thing” does the green LED on your hub slowly flash? If so, and you’ve forced an exclude on the siren and it still won’t join, power cycle the hub. Sometimes that’s needed.


How do you exclude something that isn’t there? I guess I don’t understand.

Sometimes devices that are even new will still have an ID associated with it. This is especially true for used devices. ST provides a way to do a “General Device Exclusion” via the mobile app on any device, even if it’s not part of your ST environment.

First, read the user manual on any device to see what steps are needed on the device itself. Usually it’s just a press of a button, and sometimes you need to press and hold a button.

Next, go to the ST mobile app and tap on the “hamburger” menu in the upper left corner that’s next tot he name of your location.

Next, tap on “Hub is Online”.

Next, tap on “Z-wave Utilities”.

Next, tap on “General Device Exclusion” and be ready to do what ever you need to do on the device to start the exclusion process. The ST mobile app should immediately (less than a few seconds) return a message something like “…a device was removed…”. It’s been a while for me, so I can’t remember the exact message that will be returned.

Once you’ve done that, start the inclusion process again.

Sometimes the process I mentioned above may have to be done more than once.

Some Notes:

  • Make sure that nobody else is using a zwave device when performing a general exclude. That process doesn’t care what device you want to exclude. It will exclude the first device it finds that sends the right message.
  • Make sure to include the siren really close to the hub. That does matter.
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Got it. Didn’t realize there was a button to push. Did a reset by pushing 5 times. Then it worked. Sure appreciate the help. Kinda new to this.