Everspring z-wave siren - how to connect it to the hub


I am very new to Smarthings. Just installed hub and the sensors that come in the box. All great.
But I also purchased a Z-Wave siren from Everspring, naively thinking that it would have paired up the with hub smoothly out of the box… well… it’s Z-Wave, isn’t it? :frowning:
No luck.
I have been using the iPhone app until now and just discovered the web interface.
Is there anybody that has an idea on how to connect this siren or in general what to do with Z-wave devices that are not listed in the “marketplace” section of the app?

I hear you can add your own “device type”, but I don’t have a clue where to start from.
Any suggestion or help would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance

Is the Siren Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus. Go with the ‘Plus’ devices for anything new, as it has many advantages (self-healing and better discovery).

Thanks Tom,
for what I read the siren is Z-Wave… unfortunately.
Will follow your suggestion and go for Plus from now on.
I still hope I can find a way to make this one work though.

You can try using this as a DTH:

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Have you tried putting the siren into pairing mode just prior to going to Things in the ST Classic Mobile app and then pressing + to add a new thing? It will try and auto discover the device. You shouldnt have to go-to Marketplace and add the device manually.

The following is the PDF for the siren. Not sure if your model is the SE812 or not:

After you get it successfully discovered/added as a Thing in ST, then you can go create the custom Device Handler with the link/code provided above and then associate that newly published Device Handler to your Siren by editing/updating the Type in the IDE.

Thanks guys, the problem seems to be that the siren is not discovered by the hub. I have tried to follow the sequence as you describe (using ST Classic) but the siren stays in pairing mode (the manual says "The Z-Wave Controller does not allocate a node ID to the Siren. "). I even checked that this is an UK model (868.42Mhz).

I’ve just spent a few hours trying to figure this out… and since this page is the one I kept (frustratingly) hitting each time I googled for help, here’s how I did it:

First, exclude the siren, just to be absolutely sure it hasn’t been accidentally paired / half paired / miscofigured during a previous pairing attempt:

Using the “new” version of the app… on the main screen, find your Smartthings hub, tap on it, hit the triple dot icon at top right, select “Z Wave Utilities”, then Z-Wave exclusion. When the hub is in exclusion mode, press the pairing button on the back of the siren 3 times rapidly. You should then get a confirmation message in the app that the siren has been excluded… if not, try holding the button for 5 seconds.

Then, to pair the siren:

Go back to the main screen, hit the “+” icon at the top. Select “Add Device”. Scroll down to “All Brands”, and select “SmartThings”. Select the “Alarm” icon. Select your hub, then choose a room, and wait until the green light starts flashing on your hub… then tap the pairing button on your siren 3 times, rapidly. The flashing light on the hub should change speed slightly to indicate that something is happening, and a couple of seconds later the siren should appear as a “Utilitech Siren”. Job done! :slight_smile: