Utilitech Siren & Lowe's Iris

I have 2 Utilitech indoor sirens and a Lowes Iris motion sensor version 2, that are showing offline and I can’t get back online. Anyone else having this issue? Batteries are new. They just went offline one day out of the blue.

I have one of the Sirens. I had to install the battery while pressing the small button. I suspect that created a new install which was then visible. One note, these sirens were removed from all Lowe’s shelves and marked dangerous, 2 years ago. No clue why. Mine works fine.

My Utilitech siren is showing online and still works when I tested the siren and strobe feature from the SmartThings app. It’s using the SmartThings Driver for Z-Wave Siren Devices driver 23-09-05.

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Thanks…I will try that

Thanks…I will see if I need to change my driver.

That’s the same driver’s both of mine are using to. I pulled the batteries out and I got one back online but now when I try to test the siren via the SmarthThings app I get a network or server error. The other one still won’t go back online.

Tried the battery reinstall and one went back online and one didn’t. The one that got back online won’t work now when I try to manually turn it on via the SmarthThings app. I get a network or server error.