Utilize he Siren From Lowes

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I went and purchased the utilitech siren from lowes today and have managed to pair it manually as a switch. I can then get it to activate using a ‘something detected then turn on switch’ which works fine.

I just wondered if anyone here has any better ways of pairing it so it shows as an alarm not a switch (especially with the new dashboard update today) as I know a couple of people including @johnconstantelos have these alarms.

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Hi @jonallsebrook,

Via the IDE, change the device type to SmartAlert Siren and then force stop your app, or log off and back on again to see the changes. I created my own device type using that as the base code hoping to get batter status, but no luck yet.

You’ll still see it as a switch, which is nice because you can turn on a switch (now the siren) when security events happen, or when a smoke/CO2 detector goes off.

Hope that helps.

  • John

Thanks @johnconstantelos for the reply!

It doesn’t like being set as the SmartAlert Siren in the IDE the iPhone App doesn’t see it when set as that type but as a switch it does work fine.

No battery status for me either and it looks as if it’s not as flexible as the Fortress one i.e can’t set strobe only etc etc.

It works though (do you have a blinking status light on it btw as mine doesn’t) so thats fine and at that price I am happy so going to get two more today!



I was able to set mine as smartalert siren in the ide and the iphone still sees it. I assume the battery status doesn’t report because the fortrezz smartalert device actually is powered only.
Also the documentation on the utilitech states that the device will chirp like a smoke detector does if the battery goes low.

changing the device type also let me choose a more appropriate icon.

@greg, I created my own device type modeled after the smartalert siren to include the battery capability and the correct parse info based on this : http://www.pepper1.net/zwavedb/device/331, but still nothing. As soon as I can find the time this weekend I’ll look at my code again because the raw data coming from the siren looks right : “0 0 0x1000 0 0 0 7 0x20 0x25 0x86 0x80 0x85 0x72 0x71”.

Hey @johnconstantelo just wanted to see if you made it over to the new forum and looked at this again

@greg, sure did but no luck with battery status working yet. I’m probably going to submit a support request to ST for help.