Using Zooz ZEN30 relay button to trigger smart lights - 4 seconds delay

I disabled the relay in Zooz ZEN30. The plan is to use it to control a hue light strip. I used Smart Lighting app to mirror the switch state to the light strip (again, the relay is disabled).

It works but sometimes the delay - between pressing the button and the Hue lights turning on - is about 4 to 5 seconds.

I’m assuming it has something to do with the time it takes for SmartThings to receive feedback from the ZEN30 indicating the status was changed. Whether or not this is the case, Is there anything I can do to remediate this delay or is it normal?

I’m assuming your ST and Hue strip is cloud to cloud integration? If so, there’s delay there I’d assume, plus any delays from any zwave mesh issues you may also be experiencing.

If you mirror to another ST hub connected device, like a zwave or Zigbee switch, is there still a long delay?

Well, in the SmartThings app, when I tap in the Hue light, it turns on instantaneously (minimum delay, acceptable) so I’m guessing the issue is not the cloud to cloud integration but the time it takes to learn the Zooz switch was turned off so it can propagate the state.

Also in the app, if I tap on the Zooz switch lets say to turn it on, it will start spinning and will keep going for a couple of seconds until the state in the app changes to on in which case, the Hue light also turns on.

I went ahead and perform a test to answer your question.
I mirrored another zwave switch and the result is the same. The zwave switch and the hue light comes on at pretty much the same time (impressive).

The switch is about 18ft from the hub so I would assume it is connecting straight to the hub and not through another device.

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Ok, that’s good info. After you installed the Zen30, did you do a z-wave repair? That may not help if you really don’t have a lot of devices, especially one far away and you’re already close to the hub. I didn’t, but I also have very few zwave devices anymore.

I also have a Zen30, and also did some testing just now. There definitely is something going on today that wasn’t happening when I first installed this on Friday.

In the Classic app, turning on/off the relay (via the Child Device) immediately turns on/off the device and I can hear it click, but the mobile app’s tile doesn’t update until I move to a different tab, or exit out to the Room and go back. Doing this same process via the parent device in Classic yields the same results.

In the new app, turning on/off the relay immediately turns on/off the device, but unlike the Classic app, the device Power tile also immediately updates. I guess that’s another reason for me to keep trying to stick with using the new app, but that’s a story for a different time…

Give me a bit, and I’ll try your setup with mirroring and get back to you!

Hi @ebrito,

I’m just going to ignore the Classic app for now…

Yup, there’s a delay but mine isn’t as long as you’re experiencing.

I set up a Zigbee switch to mirror the Zen30, and it’s maybe/barely 2 seconds. I then set up a Zwave switch to mirror the Zen30, and it’s maybe 2 seconds. Quite frankly the difference is hard to tell, but it definitely was between 1 and 2 seconds.

When I take the Zen30 out of the equation and mirror something else, the delay is literally less than a second.

I’m not sure if it’s the way the device reports on/off state, processing/time within the DTH, or what; but yeah there’s a delay somewhere.

I posted about a delay for the relay in another thread. I think my use case is little different from what you are describing, however the delay part is the same. It was suggested to me to run a z-wave repair or 3, but I have a feeling the delay is somewhere else and it’s very possible it might just be something we have to deal with. Not a deal breaker for me as the device does what I need it to do, just a minor inconvenience.

@johnconstantelo thanks a lot for taking the time to test it. I ran a z-wave repair and the delay now is around 2 seconds (I’m not sure whether it is just a coincidence or if the repair actually did something to it).

Could be, which will make it unsuitable for this kind of application (where you just want to use the relay button to trigger some sort of automation where near real time response is expected).

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