Using webcore to turn a light to 100% when the switch is turned on

I am trying to set up a piston in webcore to make it so that when i physically press a wired ge zwave switch to turn it on, it will set the attached light fixture 100%.

I only want it to do this if I physically press the switch, not if i turn the switch on from smartthings or from alexa.’’

right now if the light is off and I tell alexa to set the light to 10%, it triggers the piston and turns it on and sets it to 100%.

my piston is attached.

how can i make it so that the piston is only triggered when i physically press the switch?

@anon36505037 is correct. If you have the newer version of the GE switches, you can install the custom GE switch DTH and capture the double tap for overrides. I am in the process of doing this now. In WebCore, an on/of switch operates the same as a motion sensor. But a captured double tap on or off will go to 100% on or 0% off (in cases where I use a soft off as 1% to 10%).

You can create a simulated dimmer switch and control the dimming with webcore and the app but use the real switch to set 100% when pressed on.

That introduces another issue and that you now have a light on but the switch thinks the light is off. Pressing the switch off repeatedly leads to frustration as the light is still on. Ive learned you have to keep things intuitive for others, no matter how smart you have made the home. It’s a catch-22.

Not really. You sync them so they will follow the on/off status but not dim.