How to prevent jasco switched from resuming their dim level

I just installed a bunch of ge/jasco dimmer switched in my house and so far they work great but I have a questions…

when i dim a light using smartthings and then later turn it off, if i press the wall switch to turn it back on, it turns back on to the dim level it was previously set to. I would rather have it always turn on to 100% when I press the wall swtich.

I know I could accomplish this using webcore but I am wondering if there is an easy way to set this at a hardware level or if there is an easy setting in smartthings or something.

There is not.

thanks for the response. so just to clarify, without using webcore, there is no way to make the switches do this?

Correct. You are fighting the builtin functions of the switch. The only thing you can hope to do is wait for the switch=on event for each switch and set to 100% or if you have the 14xxx series Z-Wave Plus devices, do something like assigning on 100% to one of the double tap actions.

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This is what I do in Webcore. I perform a Turn On and then set the level. I find a delay is not required. I also find with dimmers, you can skip the Turn On and go straight to set level. The last thing I do is I set my lights to level 100% and then Turn Off if the off function is driven by an Away Mode or Good Night mode. What this does is sets the switch to remember 100% if anyone manually turns it on.

Without Webcore, I am unaware of a method…which is one of the reasons I am transitioning from SmartLight to Webcore.

Also, I wanted to add, have you looked at the GE/Jasco DTH for the new series on/off switches and dimmers? It includes about 6 different numeric settings in there that I have not explored yet.

Thanks for the responses!

So I do have the new 14 series zwave plus switches.

How would I go about assigning something to the double tap? That would be perfect.

Because you were talking about the dimmer, read this thread…

There’s a similar custom device handler for the switch too if you have some of those.

I have some of my lights set to turn on at specified level during specified times. Before sunset is set to 90%. After sunset is set to 40%. Night Mode is set to 15%.

I find it best to say:

If light changes to On
Time is between x and y (before sunset)
Level is not in the range of x and y
Then using light
Set Level to X

blah blah blah (after sunset)
Then using light
Set Level to Y

Mode is night…

Takes about a second or two for light to goto the correct level

You could also say:

If light changes to Off
Then using light
Set level to x
Turn Off

This makes the light do a quick flash to the level you set then turn off.

I found this to be a little annoying so I prefer the first method.