GE Smart Dimmer Switch Programming help needed

I recently bought the GE Z-Wave Plus In-Wall Smart Motion Dimmer (26933), installed it and added the DTH for it in SmartThings. I added code in WebCoRE to manage it. Everything works fine except setting the Dimmer for motion after I have gone to bed. I created automation that automatically sets the dimmer to 5% when we are in bed. If I turn the light on through the app it turns on to the right dimmer setting but if I set off the light with the motion it comes on at 100%. I have tried setting the default level and I tried the Lighting smartapp. Nothing seems to solve this issue. Here is the snippet I have from my WebCoRE Piston:
What am I doing wrong?

Have you tried just the ‘Set Level’ command. I have GE dimmers, not the one with the motion detector and the set level command turns on the light at the level I set. The ‘Turn on’ command sets it to the last level it was set at.

Not on;y do I do the set level - I also do the set default level. As long as I turn it on via the App I am fine. When it goes on via the motion sensor it automatically goes to 100%

Sorry, that was my point. Just send the set level via webcore. That all I send to my GE
dimmers., nothing else.

You might have better luck asking on the webcore forum.

OK - I figured out how to solve my problem.
For the entire time I am in bed, I set the switch to manual mode and I rely on WebCoRE to set the level and trigger lighting the light and turning it off.
Once the sun rises, I go back to Occupancy mode.