Moisture sensors and a question

So I’m thinking about purchasing one of the SmartThings moister sensors to start a routine. My goal is to make it if the sensor detects water from time a to time b start said routine. My goal is to put the sensor in the shower so when I wake up and start my day it fires up my good morning.

Is this possible with the sensor? Or am I dreaming?


I have both the old and new version of the SmartThings moister sensors. they are very sensitive and quick to trigger. As long as you can mount it on a vertical surface where water can drain away, you should be fine. It won’t last long though if it’s in a location of pooled water. Your goal can be easily accomplished using IFTTT to toggle a virtual switch, which in turn, would start your routine. If you are unfamiliar with virtual switches, see here for info (scroll down to Create a virtual switch). Note that the write-up in that link is for the old version of software. Virtual switches are now called “simulated,” and Routines replace what was formerly known as “phrases”).

Another thing you might consider is a moisture sensor with a remote probe, (see below). That way, the electronics can be mounted out of the water spray.


You may want to consider the Temp/Humidity sensor instead. Then it can be mounted somewhere outside the shower (ceiling?), and trigger the routine once the sensor passes a humidity threshold. Might take some time to find the right threshold, but less risk to the device and less risk of false alarms IMO. (Maybe even a dual threshold with temp if you take hot showers to make it more foolproof.)

I went down that same road, issue with these sensors is that they have an internal LED that is illuminated when it detects water, makes no sense, but there it is. So batteries aren’t going to last very long in this application.

It makes plenty of sense for the use case these sensors were design for… When you receive a flood alert, that indicator is confirmation of which sensor has been triggered and also confirms when the spot is sufficiently dry (and confirms you haven’t put it on a conductive surface like a metal sink, etc.).

That said, such indicators should be made configurable so you can use the sensor in others ways… Eg., in opposite mode to detect a dry plant bed or empty pet water dish…

Totally disagree, it makes no sense what-so-ever, the freaking LED is so dim, you would be lucky to see it in the dark… Anyone is going to see the actual water long before they see the stupid LED.

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Well… I continue to disagree, which is precisely why these sorts of things absolutely must be made configurable to customer preferences. Heck… Maybe it actually has a ZigBee configuration parameter just not implemented in the Device Handler??

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I know this thread is a few months old but it looking at water sensor myself, I found that the Fibaro water/flood sensor which is listed as compatible with ST, is completely waterproof so it can in fact be submerged (well, it’s designed to float, but it won’t harm the sensor). Just thought I’d add this in case others are looking for a options for similar situations.

I too am looking for a way to monitor when we take a shower to suspend outside watering and maybe even turn on a radio in the bathroom (I may wanna sing). After reading several threads on this I am going to be looking for a humidity sensor and maybe combine it with a motion sensor outside the shower.

I gave up on humidity and moisture, a simple motion detector properly placed in the shower has been working just fine for 6 months…

You would think somebody would come up with a flow switch they could put right before the shower head.

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