ST Water Sensor stuck in "Wet" mode

Recently, I experienced a small water leak under a sink directly onto a ST water sensor. By small, I mean a puddle of about 5 inches in width. The sensor was drenched and registered a leak correctly. I did not see the notice right away, so the sensor sat in the puddle for perhaps an hour. After drying the sensor, it registered “dry” for a short time, then registered “wet” again. Since then, it continues to show “wet” despite having no leak - perfectly dry conditions.
I have tried resetting it and deleting and re-installing it without curing the problem.
Does anyone have any wisdom for me?

Same with mine… for months. Hope someone can shed some light

Mine stayed ‘wet’ for a long time after detecting a leak. I set it on top of the dehumidifier in the basement (right on the vent that blows out the dry air) and it switched to ‘dry’ fairly quickly, and stayed that way until the next leak (even after removing it from the dehumidifier).

Thanks, Iridris. While I do not have a humidifier, your solution did prompt me to plop it down in front of a plain-old, air-slinging fan. Maybe sheer air movement will dry it out.