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Using SmartThings Button to change state

(Andy Moreno) #1

Hi guys,

I would like to control a light with a SmartThings button but instead of using one click to perform a routine, can I get a click to change the state of the light?

For example, one click of button…light turns on…click it again…light turns off.

Can this be done?

Switch / Hue Bulb State Change Toggle
(Damian) #2

I’m sure you can with webcore.
button - changes to on
With - light
Do - Toggle


Yup, I do that with Iris buttons and ST’s Button Controller Smartapp from the Marketplace (Classic app).

(Jimmy) #4

if you’re using the new app, this can be done from the button’s main page. For the action, choose the bulb and the toggle option should be at the very top.