Controlling light with multiple SmartThings Buttons set to toggle?

I have a group of lights that I turn on and off with two SmartThings buttons. The problem is that each button toggles the lights, but they do so independently. So, if I press one button to turn the lights on, and then I press the other button, it may or may not turn the lights off depending on its own last on/off state, so I might have to press it again to turn off the lights. Similarly, I have the double-press for the button set to turn the lights on in a dimmed state. So, again, if I press the button once after that, it may turn the lights fully on or turn them off.

The desired behavior would be for each button to check to see if the lights are already on (at any brightness level), and if so, turn them off, and if they’re not on, turn them on.

Is there an easy way to do this?

Sounds like you may need to use WebCoRE to create a custom complex rule to do this.

Somewhat of a pain, but you can use smart lights (smartapps>Lights & Switches), and make 2 rules for each button, one that turns on but only if the light is off and the other off but only if the light is currently on…or webcore and a single piston but same logic…

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The 2 rules approach sounds interesting, but how do I check whether or not the light is on? There doesn’t seem to be any option for that.

Oh, @samsmith2002 you’re awesome! I figured it out, and now it does exactly what I want. Thank you so much!

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