Using Samsung Home Connect strictly as a SmartThings Hub

Hello. I recently picked up a single Samsung Home Connect to run it strictly as a ST hub because I already have a mesh network setup for wifi and not looking to change it.

I have looked through all the settings via the ST app to turn off any of the router features. All I was really able to do was disable wifi on the Connect Home. I was able to connect a couple of Zwave devices and they appear to be working fine.

However, the app is showing all my wifi devices (computers, tablets, etc) are connected via the router side of things. I also have 3 Things tiles showing and indicating no status. I suspect these are a result of the connected wifi devices. I do not see an option to remove them.

Is there a way to disable all the router functionality on the Connect Home and just run it as a ST hub? I don’t like the fact that my wifi devices are being picked up. The Connect Home is the only ST device available at a local retailer where I am in Canada (and the price was right), hence the reason I’m using it. Now I’m thinking I’m better off just tracking down a ST hub (v2 or v3).

Would welcome any thoughts or tips on my setup.


Especially in Canada, I’d recommend finding and using a V2 Hub at this time.

V3 Hubs (including Connect, I think?) are not supported in Canada.

Thanks for the reply. I will be doing exactly as you suggest and get a v2 hub. I’d prefer the v3 because it would allow me to connect it via wifi for better placement options but I think the v2 being officially supported in Canada outweighs that drawback.

convert connect home to “bridge” mode. it will be part of your network. the wifi part will be available, but with different name and password.