Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi System

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Can someone who knows comment on the advantages of this vs a Version 2 hub and Google Wi-Fi. Dismissing the Wi-Fi specs are the SmartThings specs/capabilities the same as a version 2 hub or are there any advantages or improvements beyond the Version 2 hub?

Samsung goes after Apple at home with new Connect Home hub
Samsung Connect Home Smart Wi-Fi System/SmartThings
(DavidK) #2

I personally would like to keep separate my home automation hub and wifi router.

Therefore i hope that the v2 hub and new wifi/hub have same capabilities as I am not interested in a Samsungs wifi router.

I do always want to be on the latest and greatest version of SmartThings hub.


(Robin) #3

We haven’t been told a lot… looking like it will have the exact same features (less USB which never worked anyway).

More info and discussion here:


I agree with @professordave I prefer my amp seperate from my receiver, my modem and my hub seperate from my router.

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Yeah, remember these:


LOL yes I do. Never owned one but I remember them.

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I’ve got two you can buy :joy:

VHS is all the rage you know, latest tech and all that… makes the TV so much more future proof!


If you have a Betamax to go with that, I’m on board.

Still have my Video disc player as well - lol - comes with Rocky II - Trade?

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I’ve actually got 3 Betamax players… one day I’ll convert all my dads home footage to DVD but for now it’s the only way to play the old family vids.

Definitely not for sale ha.


Lol I wouldn’t sell either - 20 years from now, auction for a mil.

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It’s a love hate affair… I pretty much have to rebuild them every time I want to use one… that’s why I’ve got 3, typically two are broken at any one time.

Components are getting crazy hard to source these days too!


My Ex Father-in-law had a Betamax and it worked very well till the day he died. Even after VHS had clearly won the day he was never interested in changing. My first VHS could record one event in 24 hours and cost $750. Damn that early adoption!


They say that the Betamax was the way better product, but the way VHS was marketed they won outright.

I remember not so long ago when DVD started. I was a home theater enthusiast at the time, and you had DVD vs DIVX which was totally screwing up the entire market because people were so confused with wtf to buy.


I see a huge museum of devices (looking in the direction of Robins house) and the spouse putting things in boxes marked for garage sale, when Robin isn’t looking :slight_smile:

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You’re not far off… and if she touches my ZX Spectrum or mint condition pong there will be big BIG trouble!!


LMAO! I am sure that I can impersonate her eye rolls and I haven’t even met her

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Just came across this article.
Does this mean with this system the world of Bluetooth and the devices therein will be opened up to home automation through ST.

IoT hub
Samsung Connect Home removes the need for Samsung’s separate SmartThings Hub. Because Samsung Connect Home has a SmartThings Hub built in, it can directly communicate with connected gadgets over Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or Z-wave. These gadgets include things like Philips Hue lights, Netgear Arlo security cameras, and Samsung appliances. Once set up, you can control all these with a mobile app.


No, Samsung Connect Home uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone, not to control end-devices. There are no Bluetooth devices scoped to be compatible at this time.

Bluetooth activation/roadmap
(Bob) #19

Thanks for the reply Tyler.

(EinarS) #20

Will it extend z-wave and zigbee in some way? If they repeat through cabel between them it could be a use case.