Samsung Connect Home

Does anyone own this that could answer a couple questions? I’ve done some searching and I can’t seem to find the answers I’m looking for.

  1. Does each hub support wired backhaul? This would allow me to treat them more like access points versus the wifi mesh.
  2. What is the DC voltage required? I currently have ethernet wiring throughout my house and trying to figure if I could split off the power from the ethernet that is plugged into a PoE switch.

Did you get this to work? I was just reading on a forum that it does not work…

I never bought one. I found too many bad reviews and you have to manage the smart devices using a different app that is apparently much worst than tha current SmartThings app. I kept my smartthings hub and invested in a ubiquiti network instead.

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I just picked up a 3-pack of ST Connect Home hubs to try in my home, and I have some questions:

  1. These units each have two built-in Ethernet ports that read “In” and “Out.” Since when is Ethernet directional? I’m assuming I run an Ethernet cable from my router to the “In” port on the ST Connect Home hub and then another cable from the “Out” port to another device. Could I also attach an Ethernet switch for more devices?
  2. I have wired Ethernet running throughout my home. However, it sounds like the Samsung Connect Home is pretty much relegated to wireless only, with only the primary hub being allowed to connect to the wired network. Is this correct? If I place a hub near a wired drop, is there any benefit to connecting it?
  3. The configuration options in the ST app appear to be rather limited, which isn’t necessarily a problem, but what are your recommendations for having the system play well with my ISP’s modem/router? Do you recommend that I disable DHCP options on my router and let ST handle everything or should I put the Connect Home system into bridge mode and let my router do the job, especially considering I’m going to have a lot of wired devices (TVs, Xboxes, media servers, etc.) that I still want to connect throughout my home?
  4. I already have a ST Hub v2 handling my ST home automations. There doesn’t appear to be any way to “port” those devices over to my ST Connect Home system, so for the time being, I just have the old v2 hub connected to my wired network. What’s the best way to get my devices over to the Connect Home hub(s), so I can retire the v2 Hub…or should I just keep on trucking as is?


Which specific model number did you get? The “connect home“ is the current model in the UK, but is a discontinued model in the US (ETWV520KW) where the current model is “Samsung Wi-Fi” ( with plume for network management features) ( ET-WV525KWEGUS).

They look different, the newest one has two logos on it:

SmartThings Connect Home

Samsung SmartThings WiFi

Thanks for your feedback. Actually, I may have discovered a way to do it via the SmartThings Groovy IDE at There, I see both hubs listed under my Home location. My v2 is named “Home Hub” and my Connect Home hub/s are named “SmartThings Hub.” I can individually edit and move devices from one hub to the other without removing and adding them back again.

Yeah, these are the 520s. I got them secondhand. I don’t see any of the Plume stuff in the ST app.

I believe you can move them back-and-forth between locations, but if they are zigbee or Z wave devices they will still be owned by the other hub.

But let us know if the method you describe actually works when you go to set them up in automations. That would be a big change. :sunglasses:

See the existing official support article:

Can I use two Hubs in one Location?
The SmartThings app does support multiple Hubs in one Location. However, devices can only be paired to one controller at a time. This means that while the Hubs and their devices will exist on the same Location, devices can only be controlled by the Hub that they are paired to. You can also control multiple Hubs from one account.
To create a new Location and activate a Hub, read our guide for setting up the SmartThings Hub in the SmartThings app.

I’m not sure about Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

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plume is only available with the newest model. Because it offers extensive network management features, SmartThings didn’t bother to create their own.

Yup, you were right. Spent most of last night deleting and re-adding my Z-wave devices to the new hub. All my LIFX bulbs and Honeywell thermostats were fine, as these I suppose aren’t “owned” by a particular hub.

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I’m going to circle back around on my original question. I have the ST Connect Home Wi-Fi mesh on my home network and I’m now using it as my primary wireless router. However, I still have a cable modem from my ISP to contend with. I don’t seem to be having any issues with the wireless, per se, but I do have several devices with wired connections, and these still seem to be preferring to connect to my cable modem’s subnet ( instead of the ST Connect Home’s subnet ( The issue becomes that it’s difficult for my wireless devices to see these wired devices. Any suggestions?

You need to unplug any wired devices from the old router, Use a network switch on the out port of your connect home and plug them into the switch.

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