Using presence as a trigger? (UK, new app)

Hi, I have just managed to connect smart things to switchbot. I tried to set up a switchbot to activate when I come within my geofence at my home location. The history menu shows when I leave my home and when I come back but does not activate the switchbot. Any ideas

This is more likely to be an issue with presence detection then with the SwitchBot. So the first thing I would do is change whatever automation you are using so that it just turns on a light and see if that works.

Next, can you post a screenshot of the automation you are using? We need to know what country you are in, what version of the mobile app you are using, and the specific automation. But that can wait until you test it to see if it’s working with something other than the SwitchBot. :sunglasses:

Hi thanks for the reply. I am using the automation through the SmartThings app. I live in the UK. I tried to control my light through the same app but that didn’t work either. I attach a screenshot.

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