Automation that triggers on a certain time and with a certain presence sensor (phone) present

Hi All,
as this is my first post, please be gentle :wink:
i’ve been using smartthings for some time now, (3-4 month’s) and i’m generally very happy with it.

As the first two months of this usage was me being alone in my house everything worked perfectly.
Now that someone joined the schemes a little gremlin entered my otherwise perfect system.

So, i’ve added my girlfirend to smartthings, and everything went well, her presence is detected by mobile phone, and the “on/off schemes” work perfectly.

Now, my girlfriend likes her coffee hot in the morning, and i have a smartoutlet on my coffee machine.
What i want to do is the following, I want to turn on the coffee machine, at 6.30 every weekdaymorning, only if state is home and if presence sensor “girlfriend” is in ‘present’ mode the part i’ve typed in bold i cannot find, is there a smartapp that will accomplish this ? (i can’t get it done in routines, and neither in the smartlightning app)

I appreciate your time and suggestions,


might have to have a virtal switch for GF being home, then i think you can put a switch condition check in smartlighting
i think


I’d do what Mark said. Make a virtual switch. Set up an automation to turn on the switch when your GF arrives, and then, use the switch restriction in SmartLighting to check that condition. It adds a little complexity, but outside of webCoRE (which is also complex), that’s the easiest way to do it.

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Thanks guys, by using a virtual switch, it worked!

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